Circular Saw
RS180-New 180mm

Circular Saw RS180-New 180mm
  • *235V / 115V
  1. Ergonomic design comfortable grip handle for two handled operation
  2. Double safety switch
  3. Overheat protection to protect the motor
  4. Blade guard for user protection
  5. Use for Woodworking industry, Teak wood & plywood cutting
  6. Double insulated


Model RS180-New
Blade Diameter 185 mm
Rated Voltage 235v AC
Watts Input (full load) 1400 Watts
No load speed 5600 r.p.m
Full load Current 5.9A
Approx Waight 4.3 kg (without blade)


  1. Standard Accessories - Inner hex wrench, saw blade, (40T) rular guide